Engels on Nature

From the Dialectics of Nature:

It is precisely the alteration of nature by men, not nature as such, which is the most essential and immediate basis of human thought.

a research blog: open source, open process.

This research blog has been setup to assist me in preparing for my second doctoral exam. This blog will hopefully afford me a space where the scholarly content of my reading list can interact with popular culture as well as my thoughts and experiences. In addition, this blog will help semantically organize the information I’ll be gathering, processing and interpreting, and provide a forum for public engagement. My examination committee, colleagues, faculty and general blog visitors will be able to observe a graphical representation of my exam preparation process and even participate in that process if they so choose (by commenting on posts or posting their own thoughts – and perhaps more ways will follow…).

I’ve spent the past month developing this research blog, and while its not complete (in fact it’ll never be ‘complete’ as it will only evolve as my needs and the demands of the exam change) the basic design and infrastructure is ready t ogo. A number of features have already been modified and/or added to the blog such as a dynamic glossary (so I can build definitions over time), a photo gallery (so I can incorporate and respond to visual data), and a way for me to txt message & email my thoughts directly to the blog.

First, publicness provides a model for all students and faculty for their own work. Second, each of these events is a forum for ideas stimulating both to faculty and to students. Third, an open process enhances Program culture by providing links between students at different levels as well as between students and faculty who are not otherwise directly involved on a committee.

– Environmental Psychology Program Handbook
Section 6: “On the Opennes of Procedures.”

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