Cyberenviro.org is part intellectual craftsmanship, part digital flâneury

Mills QuoteThis research blog takes an environmental approach to understanding the relationship between trans-local informational capitalism and everyday life. In its broadest sense, an environmental approach recognizes people, places, and things as social actors locked in a state of reciprocity. The approach attempts to depose dimensionless constructions of rugged individuals and passive subjects that populate much of theory and practice in the social sciences. In an informational context, phenomena such as intellectual property, online privacy, or cyber security, are thus understood as complex assemblages of people, places, and things that are experienced at multiple scales — from the global to the intimate.

I am situated within this state of reciprocity as a participant observer. My everyday experiences as a designer, an activist, a consumer, an educator, and a New Yorker play orient my academic research. Thus, cyberenviro.org is a digital assembly of personal and professional experiences — affording me a bounded cyberplace to aggregate these experiences and reflect on their relation to my research.